40 Categories of Paul

This work-in-progress site has been quiet but the project worksite has not: a firm of local web developers are putting in place the infrastructure for the legacy site, which will host the Digital Collected Works.

Significant headway has been made with the preparation of a digital edition of Cassirer's topical treatment of Paul's New Testament writings. To represent Cassirer's iterative work in this area, the digital edition will combine a diplomatic transcription of the English text, prepared on a page by page basis, with digital images of the typescripts. The encoding also logs where Cassirer is shown to add annotations to the typescript, as well as recording responsibility for any editorial interventions.

As Cassirer organised Paul's thought under 40 key headings, we're using the Cassirer Twitter account (@HWCassirer) to share insights into a different category over the next 40 days (except Sundays).

View the latest from #Cassirer40 here: