Cassirer's Works

Below is a full list of Cassirer's known works, including information about their publication and republication. At the start of the Sheffield digitisation work, an audit was carried out to discover how and where Cassirer's works were then available. This information is incorporated below.

With the exception of the translation of de Cusa's Liber de Mente, all the works listed are now available to read in full on the sibling site, as Digital Cassirer Collection editions.

The Works of H.W. CASSIRER (in chronological order of conception)


  • "Des Nicolaus Cusanus Schrift von Geist". (Translation.)

      • German translation of the Latin text of Nicolas de Cusa's Liber de Mente, Book on the Mind. Known also as de Idiota.

      • Published: As a parallel text in an appendix to Ernst Cassirer, Individuum und Kosmos. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1927. pp. 205-297 (odd pages only).


  • Aristoteles' Schrift "Von der Seele" und ihre Stellung innerhalb der aristotelischen Philosophie.


  • Spiritual and Emotional Categories: an analysis of Paul's letters.

      • Multiple drafts, handwritten and typed, in English with Greek quotations.

      • Earliest notes appear to predate Grace and Law (collations corresponding to quotations given in that text).

      • Formerly unpublished.

  • Some aspects of St Paul's Personality:

      • An address delivered to ordained priests in the Church of England. ca. 1958.

      • Formerly unpublished. Circulated in typed manuscript. 7pp.

      • First online edition published in May 2020.


  • Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus. (Translation)

      • Translated in 1978.

      • Formerly unpublished.

      • First online edition published in May 2020.